Naming Microsoft Group Chat

You need to name your Microsoft Teams group chat

Microsoft Teams has surged in its user numbers significantly over the past few months. The company reported 75 million daily active users by the end of April 2020. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of those 75 million who use Teams as the go-to collaboration tool. But in case you’re new, here are a few things to note, particularly about group chats.

First off, it helps to name all your group chats. This is so that it becomes easier to keep track of the conversations as your teams and company operations expand. To name a new group chat, go to “New chat” at the top of your chat list. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the “To” field. Enter a name in “Group name”. You can also rename a group chat at any point by going to “Name group chat”.

You can make things a little bit easier for you by pinning your most used group chats. This helps to navigate conversations. Especially if you’re on more than a few group chats. To pin a chat, select “More options” and choose “Pin”. Afterwards, you can drag a pinned chat into the order you prefer to access. It should be noted that there is a limit of 15 for pinned chats. So, it’s advisable to unpin a group chat once you don’t need them.

Microsoft Teams also allows you to opt in how much chat history to allow when you add participants to a group chat. Navigate to “View and add participants” in the top right corner of Teams. Once you select “Add people” you should see three options specific to including chat history.

Last, but not least is that you can conveniently share files inside your group chats. There are two ways to share files. First is by highlighting a file, going to “More options” and selecting “copy link” to paste the link directly in the chat. Alternatively, you could upload your file via “Attach”

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