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Full-service web and online presence management for your business.

Protect your online reputation

Your web and online presence are a huge part of your business as they directly impact customer’s opinion and whether they buy from you.

Elements including your website availability and security, search engine optimization, blog, Internet ads, reputation management efforts and social media marketing make up your online presence and help draw traffic to your brand online; they need to be managed to protect your online reputation.

Protect your web and online reputation

Comprehensive IT Managed Service Solutions

What is Web and Online Presence Management

Web Presence Management deals with the effort of presenting and securing your website and managing the risks, governance, and compliance of it.

Online Presence Management deals with presenting and drawing traffic to your brand online. This includes website content, social media, search engine optimisation, directory listing, reputation management and many other growth avenues.

Some interesting statistics as of Jan 2021 below:

0 billion
number of people using the internet worldwide
0 million
internet users in Australia, 88% penetration as of January 2020
0 %
of internet users worldwide have concerns about how companies are using their data
0 billion
active social media users with 2 million average daily growth
0 million
social media users in Australia
0 %
of average waking life spent on social media
0 %
of people access internet via smartphone (2/3 still use the computer too)
0 %
of people access social media via smartphone (only 1 in 5 also use the computer)
0 hours 6 minutes
prediction of daily average time spent on a smartphone per user in 2021

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Comprehensive IT Managed Service Solutions

ITConnexion offers a complete set of IT Managed Service solutions from procurement to management and monitoring to resolution, covering all areas of IT Infrastructure.