Microsoft Team Activity Feed

What you need to know about the Microsoft Teams Activity Feed

Microsoft Teams has fast become one of people’s go-to collaboration tools. As such, Teams can become quite the busy space in the work environment. If you’re on Teams then you already know that navigating through all the meetings, announcements and mentions can get tricky. This is where the Microsoft Teams Activity Feed comes into the picture

You can find the Activity Feed on the top left of the Teams app. Essentially this brings together all activities into one place. Opening this gives you several options that would help you keep track of things better. Click on the three dots. Your list of aggregated activities should include unread chats, mentions, replies, reactions, missed calls, voicemails, apps and trending content. So, if you were looking for a specific reply to a certain conversation you can find it easily on the “Replies” section.

If there are too many activities to go through you can simply use the search filter for a free text search. Furthermore, you can just limit the feed to your own activities. Click on the drop-down arrow next to “My Activity” and opt in “My Activity” instead of “Feed”.

One thing to note is the number that appears on the right corner for each search result. This is actually the date of that particular result and not a page number or anything else.

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If you’re new to Microsoft Teams, then the Activity Feed may initially come across as an unnecessary feature. But as you get added to more conversations your engagement levels are only going to rise. This translates to more chats, calls, replies and mentions. The Activity Feed will come in handy once you reach this stage.

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