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Enhance security by around-the-clock monitoring and management of your ecosystem’s security posture

What Is Continuous Security Monitoring

Continuous security monitoring is a type of security solution that automates security monitoring across various sources of security information. Continuous security monitoring solutions provide real-time visibility into an organization’s security posture, constantly monitoring for cyber threats, security misconfigurations, or other vulnerabilities.

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Benefits of Continuous Security Monitoring

There are several benefits of Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM) for enterprise organisations. 

The visibility gained from CSM solutions provides insight on what preventive measures and areas to prioritized to reduce risks. CSMs also help identify misconfigured controls that present a high risk of exploitation by cybercriminals. Integration of CSM into organisations’ infrastructure can help detect entities attempting to connect to the network thereby stopping unauthorized access.

CSM also aids in vendor management. By providing visibility into vendor security posture, CSM platforms help organisations proactively manage third-party and overall ecosystem risk. This translates to more effective vendor relationships, as it gives organizations a way to actively resolve third-party security and compliance concerns as they are identified

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Monitor and improve the cybersecurity of your entire ecosystem

Your critical assets exist in a distributed but connected environment, interlinked with numerous systems and application, and resides on multiple unmanaged digital devices.

Your cybersecurity is only as strong as the weakest link in your ecosystem. A vulnerability anywhere in the supply chain raises the risk for the whole organisation productivity, profitability, and reputation.

Continuously identifying, monitoring, and managing risk is challenging without tools that can help automate and simplify the process. ITConnexion can help with designing and implementing the right CSM solution for you.

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