IT Managed Service

Managed IT Procurement

We deliver requirements-driven procurement services leveraging our relationship with Tier 1 vendors

ICT Procurement as a Service

We offer a procurement service that leverages our relationships with Tier 1 vendors and software licensing providers. We will act as an independent broker to gain the best deal and we provide you with a one-stop managed procurement service. We will deliver to the required location and implement it by our internal team of engineers and project managers.

ICT Procurement as a Service

Comprehensive IT Managed Service Solutions

Comprehensive ICT Procurement Services

For your convenience, we offer a one-stop comprehensive ICT Procurement services that provide advice, recommendations and competitive quotation for your equipment and software licensing needs. We specialise in commercial-grade equipment only.

We choose only trusted named brands with excellent quality control, support and warranty services as they generally provide the best return of investment in the long term for your business.

If you are a Not-For-Profit organisation, we provide pro bono services to assist you with the qualification and orders through Connecting Up to obtain heavily discounted products such as Microsoft 365 subscriptions

From strategy and procurement, through to lifecycle and supplier management, ITConnexion helps solve the challenges traditionally associated with procurement, helping you to reduce costs, ensure compliance and maximise the value of your assets

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Leveraging our team of procurement specialists and dedicated partnerships with an extensive list of world-leading vendors, we offer comprehensive services as follows:

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Comprehensive IT Managed Service Solutions

ITConnexion offers a complete set of IT Managed Service solutions from procurement to management and monitoring to resolution, covering all areas of IT Infrastructure.