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IT Security and Cyber Risk Management

Cybercrime is a growing threat. We will help you understand and mitigate the risks from desktop to server to network to cloud.

A holistic approach to protecting your network

As attack can come from a wide range of sources, so various security solutions must work together to form a cohesive defence system that protects the complete ICT environment – from the network and endpoint to the cloud and beyond. Furthermore, as cybercriminals use Artificial Intelligence to conduct their attacks, so must the system that defend them.

ITConnexion partners with a series of leading technology partners that provide next-generation AI-based cybersecurity solutions that work together to provide a multi-layered approach to combat cyber-attacks and minimise the occurrence of a data breach.

A holistic approach to protect your valuable data

Comprehensive IT Managed Service Solutions

The Security Landscape is Changing

Our team will work with you to recommend and implement the right
solution that suits your budget and risk profile. We will also manage and monitor the solutions including scans, updates and reporting. Should there be an unlikely event or infection, ITConnexion will work to restore and recover your system.

Our experienced team of IT experts understand the security measures required to protect businesses big and small from potential cyber threats. Whether you have a system in place you are looking to improve or are in the market to set up a completely new plan, ITConnexion can help you make it happen.

ITConnexion is ISO 27001:2013 Certified and proudly Australian-owned

ISO 27001 certified, we prioritise stringent security measures aligned with government standards, ensuring your data's safety through local storage and backup. Our expert team proactively resolves IT issues, minimising disruptions, and our professional services ensure timely, budget-conscious IT solutions.

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ITConnexion’s Managed IT Security offers a holistic approach to endpoint protection, providing security for your network from common threats

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Comprehensive IT Managed Service Solutions

ITConnexion offers a complete set of IT Managed Service solutions from procurement to management and monitoring to resolution, covering all areas of IT Infrastructure.