Uncovering Vulnerabilities:

Is Your Email and Domain at Risk of Cyber Attacks?

96% of phishing attacks arrive via email, highlighting that this popular communication method still poses an immense security threat to organisations. Cybercriminals are moving faster and getting smarter by the day, so you need to ensure that your email security defenses always remain at their highest to prevent the potential financial and reputational damages caused by phishing, spoofing, and other impersonation attacks using your company’s domain.

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The Sendmarc solution

Sendmarc uses DMARC to take organisations to full protection against impersonation and spoofing attacks within a maximum of 90 days. This leading email security provider is designed to enable DMARC compliance quickly and seamlessly for organisations of any size.

Benefits of DMARC implementation with Sendmarc:

Find out how your domain scores

Sendmarc’s algorithm rates your organisation’s exposure to fraudulent email activities like impersonation, phishing, and spoofing, and the risk that your current domain poses to your company’s cybersecurity.

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