ITConnexion received Government funding to provide no-cost Cyber Security Awareness Training for Australian SMEs and NFPs

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Program.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber security training and realistic simulations of phishing attacks are the best ways to educate your employees and raise their awareness of cyber security risk.

Educate User, Reduce Risk

Users as First Line of Defence

Your employees or end-users are your largest soft target for hackers. Raising their cyber-risk awareness level by educating them is an important and integral part of any cybersecurity strategy.

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Comprehensive IT Security Solutions

Fully Funded for Australian SMEs

ITConnexion provides fully funded Cyber Security Awareness Training for Australian SMEs and NFPs.

With the heightened risk of cyber attacks as more and more employees work from home, remote work can leave businesses vulnerable, especially SMEs and NFPs. ITConnexion has secured grant funding under the Cyber Security Business and Connect Programme, for the purpose of raising cyber security awareness among employees and fostering action to mitigate cyber security risks.

The training is fully funded (free) for between 150 to 200 eligible organisations, and can take place between April and December 2021. Learn more about the programme and register online for your business.

Intelligent and Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) comprises of two main elements: an up-to-date online security training portal to educate, and a customised phishing simulation campaign to test and re-educate the users with real-world scenarios.

With a large collection of up-to-date security awareness training modules – covering both security and compliance topics – your users will find them engaging, interactive, and efficient in raising their risk awareness in cyber security. Combined with a customised phishing simulation campaign using your industry related real-world scenarios, the realistic attacks will further test and raise your users’ awareness of their role in protecting from cyber attacks.

A comprehensive tracking and reporting system will provide training progress and campaign results which will measure overall risk level across your organisation and track improvements as the training progresses. You will also be able to identify the riskiest demographic in your organisation and enrol them into additional training to further mitigate the risk.

According to recent phishing stats from the 2020 Phishing Trend Report by SANS Institute:

0 %
of all cyberattacks involve phishing
0 %
of successful network attacks due to phishing
0 %
of organisation suffered phishing attacks
0 %
of phishing attack are not reported

Build your cybersecurity strategy around education

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training Services

  • Baseline Testing

    We provide baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing attack.

  • Online User Training

    With a large library of security awareness training content; with the custom program and scheduled reminder emails.

  • Phish Your Users

    Fully customised simulated phishing attacks with thousands of industry-specific templates

  • Track Progress and See the Results

    Comprehensive reporting to track security training progress and phishing campaign results, ready for management report to measure the great return of investment benefits

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