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Threat Protection and Cyber Risk Mitigation

Detect and stop attacks across your entire organization wherever your employee work.

Integrated Advanced Threat Protection

Secure your information security perimeter by enforcing network, web, application, device, and data policies with a comprehensive and integrated set of tools that enable threats visibility across all your resources.

ITConnexion is partnering with industry leaders to provide the tools to detect, stop, respond to threats swiftly. Combined with security information and event management and extended detection response, your organisation will be armed with the framework and automation required to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats.

IT Security Threat Protection Solutions

Comprehensive IT Security Solutions

Protect your expanding perimeter and users wherever they work

With the shift to remote working, traditional firewall and antivirus solutions are no longer sufficient. Next-generation solutions such as next-gen firewalls, next-gen intrusion prevention system, next-gen endpoint protection, and other end-point protection solutions are the crucial first step to secure your perimeter and adopting a comprehensive integrated threat protection solution.

As over 50% of employees are going to become mobile or work remotely, IT security must also adapt. Mobile device security has become very important as users no longer work within a protected corporate environment. Technology such as virtual private networks, user identification verification, and device trust is needed to improve mobile device security.

Detect and stop attacks no matter where you are

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