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Is your business subject to seasonal variations in demand? Are your company growing rapidly? Is your business growth based on unpredictable market-driven requirement? Does your company regularly run large numbers of projects, testing new applications and conduct multiple developments and staging environment?

Each situation presents a valid reason to at least consider the benefits of IaaS which can scale up and down to accommodate changing requirement instantly.

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Key Benefits of IaaS

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

IaaS greatly simplifies the provisioning of computing platform, and the costs can be lower if you take into account the scalability factor. Furthermore, the costs may be included as Opex, which can have its own advantages. And finally, opting for IaaS also allows you to avoid unnecessary on-site maintenance and reduce management costs.

Increases Flexibility

Expanding on-premise infrastructure is a time-consuming affair. IaaS allows you to speed up the process of scaling up and scaling back down as your business need change. It will remove the risk of incorrect capacity planning and unused capacity. 

Higher Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support

One of the most significant benefits of IaaS is that your infrastructure is prepared for worst-case scenarios. Most IaaS providers host their equipment in a highly secure, available, purposely built data centre that has redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity. 

Furthermore, in traditional office-based deployments, if the office is uninhabitable or power is out, employees stop working. Having your infrastructure hosted in the cloud, if disaster hits your office, your employees are still able to work remotely and be productive.

Additionally, by using IaaS, the time it would take to fully restore your infrastructure in any incident would usually be greatly reduced.

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