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What is Security Incident Response

Security incident response is the management process of  identifying, validating, assessing, mitigating, and recording security threats or incidents in real-time.

A security incident can be anything from an active threat to an attempted intrusion to a successful compromise or data breach. Policy violations and unauthorized access to personally identifiable records are all examples of security incidents.

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The IT Security Incident Management Process

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow in volume and sophistication, so the efforts to rapidly identify, respond to, and mitigate these types of incidents are also becoming more complex as it needs to keep evolving to become more resilient.

The IT Security incident management is a 24/7 job requiring highly trained individuals with skills and experience not only to interact with the tools but to also know what to do when an incident occurs, and most organizations are woefully understaffed and underprepared to respond when an incident happens. 

The ISO/IEC Standard 27035 outlines a five-step process for security incident management, including:

  • Prepare to deal with incidents e.g. prepare an incident management policy, and establish a competent team to deal with incidents;

  • Identify and report information security incidents;

  • Assess incidents and make decisions about how they are to be addressed e.g. patch things up and get back to business quickly, or collect forensic evidence even if it delays resolving the issues;

  • Respond to incidents i.e. contain them, investigate them and resolve them;

  • Learn the lessons - more than simply identifying the things that might have been done better, this stage involves actually making changes that improve the processes.

ITConnexion can help you by utilising a combination of appliances, software systems, and human-driven solutions for investigation and analysis. 

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Our Incident Response Solutions Portfolio:

  • Managed Threat Detection and Response

    Delivering a fully managed Security Operation Center (SOC) that provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities delivered by a team of trained experts and specialists.

  • Collective Defence Solutions

    Delivering Collective Defense through network detection and response, and the power of real-time threat intelligence sharing.

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