How to Generate Secure Password

Simple passwords like “password1” make it easy for hackers to decode them. Instead, consider using passphrases related to your industry and the site you visit. Passphrases, especially those combined with symbols, numbers, and spaces, significantly increase security. For example, a 14-character passphrase is a secure password that could take a hacker 4 trillion years to crack.

Let’s see some examples of passphrases based on industry.

Say you are in a construction company based in Melbourne, and you have an Instagram account to show your projects and want to use a passphrase as your password. You can try these passphrases:

  • Melbourn3 build1ng bi9 project_
  • blu3pr1nts Cr@nes hi9h Bu!ldin9
  • s@f3ty 1sT Melb0urn3_

If you have a BBQ restaurant in Sydney and want to change your Instagram password with passphrases, you can make the passphrase like these:

  • $BBQ Gr1ll @Sydn3y
  • e@t sp1cy RibS @Harb0ur
  • d3lici0us Grill3d m3at @Sydney

When you are in the financial sector in Canberra and have a Twitter account to share your view on financial issues, you can make your passphrases like these:

  • b3st f1nanci4L c0mp4ny @Canberr4
  • @Canb3rr4 f1nanciaL sav1nG @tw1tt3r
  • f1nanciaL m4rk3t thr1ve$ in tw1tt3r

Remember to take note of your passphrases. Also, you can link the elements of your passphrases to a vivid story or mental image. This technique leverages the power of visual and narrative memory, making it easier to recall the passphrase. Additionally, you can break down the passphrase into smaller, memorable chunks or use the first letter of each word to create an acronym.

To make it easier for you, try using password keeper software such as Keeper Password Manager. This software offers you advanced administrative features. With a user-friendly interface, cross-platform compatibility, and a range of features, Keeper Password Manager can be your solution to password management. By using this, you can save your passphrases in a safe place. Start using a more secure password now.

To further enhance your security, enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a code to be sent to your phone whenever you log in to your account. You can receive this code via SMS, email, or an authenticator app.

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