How Does Cutting-Edge IT Management Affect Business Growth?

Managed IT services can have a positive impact on the entire scope of your business operations. Technology plays a critical role in accounting, data collection, logistics and sales, marketing and many other functions.

Unfortunately, many companies working with an outdated IT services provider only see software technology as a way to maintain business functions, not grow them. That’s because some managed services providers (MSP) take a backseat role in business development.

The most significant determinator for business success is whether your IT managed services provider is proactive or reactive. A proactive service provider understands your business’ technology needs before you do and implements solutions to drive growth. A reactive service provider responds to complaints and cybersecurity threats as they happen.

ITConnexion plays an integral role in our clients’ success, offering a suite of cloud-based collaboration tools, managed IT infrastructure and cybersecurity technology to businesses in Australia. Here are eight ways our IT solutions drive business growth in other sectors of your company.

Business Communication

Technology introduces new lines of streamlined communication within a company. In today’s work landscape, teams exist across different office locations around the globe and remotely, and in-person meetings for task assignments are obsolete.

ITConnexion’s unified communication as a service (UCaaS) platform consolidated all forms of communication and collaboration onto a single cloud-based platform. That means a marketing team member can share a social media plan with his manager in a chat app. She can immediately launch a video meeting to review it without ever leaving the UC platform.

Efficient Operations

Using a cloud-based platform to track communication, assignments, and workflows helps eliminate bottlenecks and duplications. Technology can automate workflow tasks, such as notifying a web copywriter when the engineering team has entered product specs into the system.

Improved Security

Managed IT services help businesses protect critical data and documents. Cybersecurity technology, for instance, can identify and report threats before they compromise any information. Moreover, backup as a service (BaaS) backups all company information to a secure cloud server every day, meaning if a cyber-attack occurs, your IT services provider can restore your data.

Better Customer Segmentation

For B2C and B2B businesses alike, personalising the customer experience is the new wave of marketing. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can automatically collect and analyse customer behaviours to help your business communicate with them more effectively.

CRM also provides valuable insights to your business about customer acquisition, sentiment, and value. These metrics can help your business realise which marketing and sales efforts are successful and which they need to improve.

Accelerate Your Business’s Expansion

Thanks to technology, globalisation is an inevitable business trend. From electronic commerce to remote work capabilities, your company needs to adapt to serving a global market and enabling team collaboration. Cloud technology keeps your company on the cutting-edge of expansion.

ITConnexion is a proactive managed IT services provider that gives your business access to technology that automates data collection and analysis tasks so your employees can focus on product development, customer relationships and business growth.

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