2021 Cybersecurity Checklist to Safeguard Your Business

Technology’s rapid evolution means that cybersecurity attacks are getting more advanced too. In 2021, we’ve seen a significant increase in cybersecurity attacks on different global sectors.

IT service providers can help your business implement cybersecurity technology to identify and prevent cyber threats, but they can’t do it alone. Moreover, your employees and clients can help safeguard data and critical processes by adhering to this cybersecurity risk mitigation checklist.

Securing Your Devices

A cyber-attack on your entire organisation can start with a single device. Since cloud backup services enable employees and clients to access company documents and data from any device, your business must be vigilant about the company and personal digital security.

  • Password protect any information distributed through electronic mail or accessed via a hard drive or storage device.
  • Use a universal password manager to generate strong passwords and securely store them for each individual within the organisation.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication, which requires a one-time code sent to your phone or email to access your account (in addition to username and password).
  • Keep the software on your devices updated.
  • Never download email attachments without verifying the source.
  • Ensure your managed services provider (MSP) has implemented trusted anti-virus software.

Secure Your Network

Your web security measures should extend beyond your employees and to your company’s network. At a high level, this involves Wi-Fi network security, virtual private network (VPN) security and domain name system (DNS) security.

  • Ensure all home and office Wi-Fi networks are password protected.
  • Have a separate network for guests at your office.
  • Use a VPN when working on a foreign or public network.
  • Work with your MSP to implement DNS management services to prevent access to phishing websites and malware.

Backup Your Data

Managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) allows your company to consolidate backups for all of its data to a streamlined, secure cloud server. Cloud backup ensures that all of your company’s valuable documents and data is recoverable even in the event of a company-wide technology disaster or cyber-attack. Your IT service provider can encrypt the data to ensure that hackers cannot access it, and you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your company’s work up to that very hour is safe.

Your Company’s Cybersecurity is Only as Good as Your Employees

Explaining internet security best practices to everyone at your company will help your IT services provider remain proactive about implementing risk mitigation technology vs. reactive to restore data after a cybersecurity breach. You can have the best IT services provider in the world and still be the victim of a cyber-attack. One minor slip-up from an individual in your company can put your entire organisation at risk.

  • Educate your employees and clients about the importance of:
  • Verifying email sources before opening attachments.
  • Using responsible browsing practices.
  • Confirming someone’s identity before sharing information over the phone.
  • Locking their devices when not in use.
  • Using a VPN when browsing on a public network.

If your company and employees do their parts, your IT services provider can handle the rest.

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