Hottest Business Technology Trends in 2021

In 2021, businesses have experienced a surge in technological innovations to adapt to the remote work environment COVID-19 created. We’ve seen significant advancements in communication technology, e-commerce, privacy protection software, and, in turn, the supply chain, infrastructure and consumer technology.

The problem with rapidly adopting technology when the world went remote is that many businesses grabbed the first solution they could find rather than taking their time to find technology that streamlined their needs. In turn, despite being marketed as efficient, some technology was holding businesses back.

Now, in 2021, businesses are facing a unique challenge to figure out which technological advancements benefit their unique workflows and get rid of those putting a bottleneck in productivity.

Here’s a glimpse at how we can expect technology trends to unfold over the next few years.

Unifying Collaboration Technology

Many businesses made a fatal mistake when they select different providers for each of their collaboration needs. Remote work calls for team chat apps, teleconferencing software, task management programs and more.

Having to launch a separate application for every collaboration function impedes your workflow. Your employees spend more time bouncing between applications than using them.

As a solution, businesses should implement a unified communication as a service (UCaaS) platform. UCaaS consolidates all of the team collaboration essentials into a single cloud-based platform. Using fewer programs streamlines work because employees spend less time toggling applications, and your IT service provider only has a single cloud server to manage.


Automation is the process of streamlining an action or chain of events with software and machine learning. Automation software combines technologies, while machine learning handles the logic of a process – if A, then B.

Automation will eventually create fully digital solutions for a business’ legacy processes. This technology will make workflows faster and allow organisations to put their employees in more forward-thinking positions.

Increased Cybersecurity Measures

As with a rise in technology comes a rise in cybercrime. Securing your company’s data when it lives on thousands of different computers and servers requires a dedicated managed IT services provider to conduct a vulnerabilities assessment and implement the best cybersecurity solutions.

Next-gen firewalls, next-gen intrusion prevention systems, next-gen endpoint protection, and other endpoint protection solutions will all be critical components of your company’s threat protection solution.

The Importance of IT For Your Business

Technology is the cornerstone of success for a modern organisation, but too much of a good thing can invent just as many problems as it does solutions. That’s why having a qualified managed IT services provider is critical to keeping your technology in check.

The biggest problem that businesses face regarding technology is implementing the wrong solutions. Consolidating, simplifying and streamlining those solutions is the key to effectively managing them.

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