Adding a Link to Microsoft Teams Channels

Here’s how to add a link to a Microsoft Teams channel

Did you know that you can create a viewable web page on a Microsoft Teams channel? If you’re here then chances are, you want to know how. Microsoft Teams users can simply add a link to a channel tab action. This turns the link into a viewable webpage, regardless of whether the link is from an external website or a SharePoint site. Here’s how it works.

Log on to Microsoft Teams and navigate to the Designer page. Select the Microsoft Teams action group in the action toolbox. Alternatively, you can find actions by typing in action name/function in search. Afterwards, drag the “Microsoft Teams – Add link to a channel tab” action. This should be to the point in the workflow when you want to add a link to a channel tab and click. Next you must select a “Connection”.
In case you haven’t done so already, you can create a Microsoft Teams connection by clicking “Add a new connection” in the “Connection” drop-down list. Go for a user-friendly connection name and click “connect”. Follow through the process and eventually the added connection appears in the Connection field.
Once you’ve selected the connection you should opt for the “Team” that can access the new tab with a link. Select the channel you want to add the link to and name the new tab. Finally, add the URL of the webpage. Now you should have a viewable webpage on your channel.

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A viewable web page within a Microsoft Teams channel offers added functionality for organisations. Particularly for those spending a bulk of their workplace communications on Teams. Furthermore, it also brings in the convenience of not needing to navigate away from the app. Not surprising considering Microsoft’s idea of an all-in-one communications solution with Microsoft Teams.
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