5 Immediate Signs Your Device Has Been Hacked

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So much of cyber security depends upon the individual actions of the employees. This is why ITConnexion’s Cyber Security Awareness Training is built around educating employees on the role they have to play.

Often, a data breach or other cyber security attack begins with an accidental click on a seemingly innocuous link. In the event that a device is hacked, it’s best to recognise it as soon as possible so you can take the best next steps to recover and protect your data. Look out for these signs immediately after a hacking event.

Being Redirected

If you are browsing on your computer or phone and find yourself redirected to a strange site, this may indicate the device has been hacked. Look out for instances where you find yourself redirected, as well as other unexplained or unusual browser or network activity such as new favourites popping up in your browser.

If you are suspecting foul play, first run a complete security scan and check. Make sure you are using updated antivirus software, which has the most up-to-date virus signatures to scan for. Also, reset your browser settings and check whether your browser add-ons such as ad blockers may be interfering with your activity. This confirms that it’s not the browser itself that is causing the effects, and helps to narrow down the initial options in troubleshooting.

Strange Pop-Ups

Some pop-ups may seem like a normal system pop-up, but there may be something about it that doesn’t seem quite right. Whether it asks to click accept or ignore, if the language is strange or the purpose of the pop-up seems off, ask the IT team to check it. It’s much better to catch cyber attacks sooner than later.

New Files or Icons

New files or icons that show up unexplained could indicate a cyber attack. It’s also possible that you may notice that files or programmes are being deleted outside of your knowledge. In either case, it’s also a wise step to ask the IT team to check. If it’s a harmless app they had installed on a work device as part of a new roll-out, they will be able to give you peace of mind that your device hasn’t been hacked.

Suddenly Slow

When a device suddenly becomes slow for no discernible reason, people will usually turn the blame to the network. However, it’s possible that a slow system is due to the device having been hacked. If the device freezes or slows to a crawl, especially right after taking an action such as clicking on a link, pop-up or file, bring in your workplace IT team immediately.

Storage Disappears

While it may be normal for some people or some devices to often run out of storage space, look out for cases where storage suddenly disappears. A large jump in disk space in a short period of time could indicate that malware has been downloaded onto the device.

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