ITConnexion CSAT Program 2022

ITConnexion received Government funding to provide no-cost Cyber Security Awareness Training for Australian SMEs and NFPs

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Program.

Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) Program 2022

The significant shift from working within secure office networks to people working from home and collaborating remotely has seen the risk of cyber security incidents increase alarmingly. Attacks such as scams, ID / data theft, and crypto (encryption) attacks become more frequent as malicious players exploit this new vulnerability that has a high chance of success.

End users are the biggest and most vulnerable target in most organisations and are continuously bombarded with spear-phishing and socially engineered schemes. The most universally proven means to combat this risk is User education so, to protect organisations, we need to educate the end users and increase their cyber security awareness level.

ITConnexion has been awarded grant funding under the Cyber Security Business and Connect Program to provide Australian SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and NFPs (not-for-profits) with Cyber Security Awareness Training Program to help mitigate these risks. The program objectives are to help these organisations:

  • Raise cyber security awareness of their employees and company.
  • Foster action to further address and mitigate cyber security risks.


The funding will provide fully funded (free) Cyber Security Awareness Training for between 150 to 200 eligible organisations which consist of:

  • Access to cyber security awareness training modules online for the organisations’ employees.
  • White-hat phishing campaigns which will simulate realistic and challenging phishing attacks customised to the organisation industry/sector and localised to their area to increase the relevance.
  • Consultation to discuss the training result and other ways to improve the organisations’ cyber security level maturity level and mitigation strategies.

Program Schedule

The program is scheduled to run from April 2021 to June 2022.

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