Top 7 Best Practice Working From Home

The COVID-19 crisis is touching all aspects of society, including how we work.

In response, many companies are considering asking some percentage of their workforce to work remotely until the crisis abates.

1. Use company laptops.

These laptops are installed with remote support tools and antivirus pre-installed to minimise the risk of computer virus and malware infections. The remote support tools are used for ITConnexion team assisting any technical difficulty your staff members might have.

2. Reliable internet connectivity at home.
There are a lot of factors to consider when working from home, such as a number of devices connected and shared the internet connection. For example: having Netflix running and multiple YouTube sessions may affect the quality of work-related connectivity and video conferencing.
3. Ensure your antivirus are up to date.
On daily basis the antivirus software downloads and installs the signature updates. This is very important, especially at home there might be devices that are not secured.

4. Utilise the cloud resources such as Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, cloud based phone system that allow remote access to company phones, and enterprise grade IMs. These cloud resources are very reliable to date and a lot of time have not been fully utilised.

5. There may be cases where home computers are to be used for work purpose.
ITConnexion may be able to assist by installing the remote support and antivirus first before any attempt to setup email, SharePoint or Microsoft Team. This, however, will incur additional charges.

6. Heighten awareness of phishing messages (email, SMS, instant messaging, etc.).
We have witnessed a few phishing emails and SMS with a link to an unknown URL, etc. In this time, when it contains the text such as COVID-19 important info (or the like), people tend to forget to check and follow the link, which may lead to harmful websites.

7. Securing the device, 30s to automatically lock the computer.
Even when working from a home computer, it is always a good idea to set automatic lock after a certain time. 30 seconds is a good start, adjust this accordingly (security vs convenient).

Please speak to us if this may become a requirement.

We can help you!

In case you’re still unsure about the process or if you need further assistance, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. Our team of experts will be sure to offer a helping hand.