Microsoft Office 365: Where is the app launcher in Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is your one-stop shop for quality business software and applications. Using Office 365 is easy, especially with the app launcher at the top of web Outlook and online Office applications.


Here are all the details on the Office 365 app launcher, where to find it, and how to customise it for your team.


App Launcher Location

The Microsoft navigation bar is at the top of web Outlook and apps. Look for the icon with nine dots on the far left. This is the app launcher that allows you to access different parts of Office 365, such as Outlook mail, OneDrive, people, calendar, and more. The app launcher is where you go to open all the different apps available in Office 365.


App Launcher View

You can see your apps on the top and recent online documents underneath. Just select an app to switch between them. You can add more apps to the launcher but you cannot remove any that are already there. The app launcher may also be branded to fit your business colours and style.


To add apps, open the app launcher and click the all apps button. Highlight the desired app and click the three-dot icon that pops up to the right of the name. Once the menu appears, press pin to launcher to finish adding the app.


Notes on the App Launcher

The tiles displayed in your app launcher depend on what’s included in your subscription license. Some apps won’t appear in the app launcher until the features are Office 365 administrators activate them. Microsoft recommends using the app launcher with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10. If that is not available, try the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


You can customise the app launcher by adding custom tiles to SharePoint sites, external pages, and legacy apps. You can pin these apps to your home apps so they appear near the top.


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