Microsoft Office 365: How to get more themes for Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is a great investment for Melbourne businesses that can benefit from having an excellent selection of software and apps at the push of a button. From Word documents to Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint to Publisher, Office 365 delivers the comprehensive computer software your organisation needs to stay in front.


Customised Office Themes

In addition to the innovative software, there’s also the option to customise Office 365 with stylish themes. Just follow these few simple steps to change the colour theme for your Office account.

  1. Open Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or another Office app.

  2. Click on the file menu and then account, where you will see the office theme drop-down.

  3. Pick one of the available colours, such as the default primary colourful, white, black, or dark grey.

  4. See the office background drop-down to change or remove patterns from the background.

  5. After selecting your theme and background, they will be applied to all Office applications, other than the OneNote app and Skype.


Personalised Options 

You can also switch the theme using options settings. To do so, click on the file menu, then options and general. When you see “personalise your copy of Microsoft office,” select your preferred colour from the office theme menu.

Office 365 has some special theme colours in addition to solid shades, so you can pick what’s most appropriate for your business.


More Office Custom Solutions 

Once you have your theme and background chosen, you may want to update your app launcher to include all your Microsoft Office 365 apps. You can also update your notification settings to get the sound pop-ups and reminders when you want them. You can enable and disable notifications under the settings menu. Just hit save once you make your selections.


Microsoft IT Solutions in Melbourne

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