Microsoft Office 365: Does Office 365 run locally?

Office 365 can be run locally on your device. For productivity from home, office or on the move in Melbourne, learn how to install Office 365 with ITConnexion. 



Does Office 365 Run Locally?

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is available as a version that can be run locally on your device. For top productivity from home, office or on the move, learn more about how to install Office 365 locally on your personal computer or mobile phone. 


The Prerequisite Inputs

Any business with an active Office 365 subscription gets full access to the online apps as well as the locally run version. This way, you have access to both the online cloud capabilities and the offline editing ability, for full productivity across all areas of your work. 


To get the locally run version, you have to first download and install them onto the device. Your Microsoft Office 365 license will let you install Office 365 on up to five devices, so there’s no need to limit your choice across devices.


How to Install Office 365

To install, navigate to the Office 365 website and log into an account with an active Microsoft Office 365 license. 


There will be a button to install the latest versions of Office 365 in the upper right corner of the screen. Click this button and follow the prompts to download and install onto the device. Microsoft’s instructions are very clear and easy to follow, so you won’t get lost with downloading the files. 


Device Storage Space 

Installation is streamlined and easy, using the App-V technology to make sure installation is unintrusive. The App-V technology minimises how much data the Office 365 suite takes up of the device’s storage space, so it’s unlikely that storage will be an issue with installation. 


Once You Have Installed

Once the Office 365 installation is complete, the next step is to register and activate your Microsoft account. Simply launch any of the Office 365 apps, such as Excel, and enter your Office 365 email address and password.

Office 365 will update automatically on your device, always keeping your programmes up to date with the latest safety and productivity features.


Make the Most of Office 365

To leverage the best of Office 365, talk with the experts at ITConnexion about your business Office 365 plan.

We can help you!

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