How can IT Connexion’s Software & Web Development help your organisation/ business?


How can ITConnexion’s Software & Web Development capability help your organisation/ business?


At ITConnexion, we have a team of consultants and developers with skills and experience to deliver projects to meet our customer requirements in websites, databases, online apps, mobile apps and digital marketing. Some recent projects that showcase our range of services include:

  1. HR: Cloud-based Performance Management Online System (PMOL)
  2. Education: Student Registration and Online Testing. Features multi-lingual, website integration, identity management using Azure Active Directory B2C, payments processing via Stripe and AliPay
  3. Education: E-Learning application for the NFP sector
  4. Logistics: Transport and Freight Management System with Xero Integration
  5. Associations: Membership Database Management System
  6. System Integration: Using API to connect apps with Xero, payment gateways, Office 365 and Zapier
  7. Websites: Design, development. Digital Marketing and Social Media

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your website, database, system integration or digital marketing requirements. Contact us for a chat, or visit our website for more details.

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In case you’re still unsure about the process or if you need further assistance, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. Our team of experts will be sure to offer a helping hand.