ITConnexion Newsletter November 2022

ITConnexion newsletter October 2022 edition. Our newsletter gives you direct access to expert IT and technology tips, industry issues and trends, and to see how our clients are successfully using technology to make a difference to their organisations.

What is Cloud Voice?

Take your business phone system to the next level by eliminating all the technical and maintenance costs and transitioning to the cloud. Have confidence in an enterprise-level, carrier-grade solution and scale up and down to suit your business needs.

The current threat landscape poses an extreme risk to every business, no matter the size or vertical. The cost of not being prepared could be the loss of the business itself. This should force business retailers to embrace a dedication and awareness of relevant protections that can help them fend off a cyberattack.

There is an easy-step checklist to help Australians reduce their risks of being targeted by cybercriminals.

We can help you!

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