What is Sophos Intercept X

Why We Recommend Sophos Intercept X

Why did Our Company Choose this Particular Technology for our Clients?

At ITConnexion, we partner with the leading security solutions providers to provide powerful IT cybersecurity solutions to SMEs and NFPs. With attacks like ransomware targeting Australian businesses every eleven seconds and cybercrime in Australia increasing by 13% in 2022, we constantly evaluate the array of solutions in the market to choose the most effective cybersecurity solution  for our clients.

For the past 5 years, we have been recommending and implementing the Sophos Intercept X solution for our SME clients. Unlike most other security solutions, InterceptX combines artificial intelligence, deep learning, anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, and control technology which is very effective in detecting and stopping attacks before they compromise our clients’ systems. Furthermore, our company chose the Sophos Intercept X platform to leverage its defence-in-depth approach to secure our clients’ endpoints instead of relying on single security technology. ITConnexion experts are committed to the Sophos Intercept X training and certification to provide our clients with the most effective security services. 

How We Use the Technology

ITConnexion partners with Sophos Intercept X to provide a next-gen AI-based solution to provide our clients with multi-layered protection against the current sophisticated threats, malware, and attack techniques. We use the technology’s defence-in-depth architecture to protect our clients in the following ways:

  • Stop unknown threats: Intercept X is AI-based and uses deep learning to identify unknown threats without needing signature-based threat detection.
  • Anti-ransomware: We use Sophos Intercept X to detect malicious encryption processes involved in a ransomware attack. The technology’s advanced anti-ransomware protection blocks malicious processes from executing and rolls back encrypted files to their original state to reduce business disruption.
  • Exploit detection and prevention: We leverage Intercept X’s anti-exploit technologies to detect and stop exploits used to compromise systems, steal credentials, or spread malware infections. In addition, intercept X enables us to stop exploits throughout the attack chain, thus protecting our clients from advanced exploits like zero-day exploits and Fileless malware.
  • Managed threat response: Our security experts use Intercept X to hunt for and respond to threats in our clients’ environments 24/7/365. Our analysts respond to all threats and look for indicators of compromise to determine the root cause of events to remediate them and prevent them from occurring.
  • Extended detection and response: The Sophos Intercept X XDR features provide full and accurate visibility into all endpoints, enabling us to perform threat hunting and maintain high levels of security hygiene across our clients’ IT environments. 
  • Integration and real-time monitoring: We integrate the Sophos Intercept X platform with all our clients’ IT assets to monitor for threats and possible attacks in real-time. This allows us to detect and respond to threats before they can affect critical systems, applications and networks

The Benefits to Our Clients

Sophos Intercept X provides a multi-layered security approach through its endpoint protection. It detects and stops malware and threats effectively while reducing false positive alerts. As a result, our managed IT cybersecurity services allow our clients to focus on their businesses’ core tenets. At the same time, our experts leverage Sophos Intercept X to maintain a secure, malware-free IT environment.

In addition, Sophos Intercept X integrates the broad security offerings seamlessly into a centralised Sophos Central Console. Instead of logging in to different tools, Sophos Intercept X central console provides users with a high-level overview of security issues and their severity across all the deployed endpoints. Almost everything in the dashboard is clickable to enable specific actions. A usage summary provides our clients with an overview of affected endpoints, detected and resolved security threats, outdated software, etc. 

Sophos Intercept X has also integrated multiple products designed to meet our clients’ diverse business security needs. The feature-rich Sophos Intercept X provides holistic protection to ensure adequate security for our clients’ critical data and IT infrastructure. The platform’s policy settings permit businesses to add up to seven security policy categories applicable to users and devices. Additional features like anti-ransomware, endpoint detection and response, root cause analysis, and detection performance are some of the features that Sophos Intercept X uses to maintain a robust cybersecurity posture. 

We can help you!

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