Cutting edge HR systems launched

ITConnexion is pleased to announce their new partnership with Australia's leading online HR specialist, HR Advice Online.

The partnership combines technology and HR to bring superior, game changing products to the market which will allow SME’s to better manage their HR function. The first products spawned by the partnership include a revolutionary online performance management platform and an online e-learning library to make important training for staff a far simpler exercise.

“After being introduced to the founders of HR Advice Online, Kerry Canning and Cheryl Disher at a local networking event, we realised the potential of collaborating, matching our technology and software solution based company with their extensive HR knowledge and small business expert
ise.” said Dr Carlson Ho, Director of itconnexion.

“Small businesses don’t have large budgets to play with and have limited access to expensive mainstream HR Performance Management Platforms and for that matter eLearning platforms. We realised that by pooling our talents, we can offer simplified HR solutions online at a low cost. HR Advice Online has provided the HR guidance and expertise, and itconnexion created the software in order to facilitate this. Our HR online products can offer small business owners a cost-effective and user friendly product that they can begin using immediately.”

Ms Canning and Ms Disher of HR Advice Online highlighted the importance of company performance reviews for small business owners:

“Performance reviews help the employer and employee gather
thoughts and become more familiar with the areas that need improvement and of
course focus on those areas that are working well. When executed correctly,
reviews can be one of the best tools for developing an employee’s career within
a company. However, we understand that Performance reviews are time consuming
for business owners and are often put on the back burner. Our collaboration
with IT Connexion has allowed us to develop an online platform that is
automated, helping small business owners to streamline and manage their staff performance
reviews more effectively”

The e-Learning (online) courses have been specifically designed for small businesses and franchises that need to adhere to and conduct regular training of new or existing employees. HR Advice Online provide the updated library so ‘e-learners’ can be assured they are up to date with current information.

Small business owners can now access short eLearning courses that may be customised to suit the individual and will help the SME to adhere to strict and often mandatory courses such as New Employee Inductions, OH&S and Compliance courses. The majority of these courses can cost the business owner considerable amounts of money, time and effort to roll out. The partnership and joint products of itconnexion and HR Advice Online provides a simple solution to this headache.


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