Celebrating Mr. B:
The Heart and Soul of ITConnexion’s 20-Year Journey

As ITConnexion marks two decades of success, there is no better time to shine a spotlight on a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit and essence of our company. Meet Basil Vella, affectionately known as Mr. B, our longest-serving employee with an impressive 18 years of dedicated service. In this blog, we celebrate the life and contributions of Mr. B, a man who has not only witnessed but actively shaped the journey of our company.

The Smile That Lights Up Our World

Walk into our office, and you will soon realise that Mr. B is not just a colleague; he is the embodiment of positivity. His infectious smile has the power to brighten even the gloomiest of days. He brings a sense of cheer, enthusiasm, and an aura of warmth that instantly uplifts everyone around him. It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. B’s presence is synonymous with the atmosphere at ITConnexion.

The Heart of ITConnexion

At ITConnexion, Mr. B is more than just an employee; he is the heart and soul of our organisation. His dedication to the staff, clients, suppliers and all our partners is unwavering. Mr. B’s genuine care for people, his ability to listen and understand their needs, and his commitment to going the extra mile have earned him the respect and admiration of all who have had the privilege of working with him.

A Trusted Leader

It’s no surprise that Mr. B’s journey at ITConnexion has led him to the role of General Manager, a position he holds with grace and distinction. The management team recognises not only his longevity but the invaluable perspective and wisdom he brings. Mr. B’s decisions and guidance are rooted in his deep concern for the well-being of the staff and clients, making him a trusted and beloved leader.

As ITConnexion celebrates its 20th anniversary, we tip our hats to the extraordinary individual who is Mr. B. His dedication, infectious spirit, and unwavering commitment to our company and the people within it have left an indelible mark on our culture and success.

Mr. B truly is the heart of ITConnexion, and we could not be prouder to honour him as we step into our third decade of excellence. Thank you, Mr. B, for being the shining light of our company!

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