7 Compelling Reasons Why UCaaS Makes Sense

What is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)?

Unified Communication as a Service is a cloud delivery model that integrates various unified communications (UC) tools—such as chat, file sharing, telephony, and video conferencing—into a single interface or platform. With unified communications and collaboration, organisations gain more control over their workflows and processes, while employees stay better connected. UCaaS solutions eliminate the need to switch between multiple communication tools, enhancing workplace organisation, efficiency, and productivity.

IT Connexion provides a unified communication service for not-for-profit (NFP) organisations with distinct advantages over existing on-premises solutions.

Here’s a comprehensive look at why moving your phone system to the cloud is beneficial for NFPs:

1. Agility

NFPs need the ability to scale and adjust as their needs change. Hosted PBX provides this
agility, and with limited equipment on-site, it simplifies office relocations. This flexibility allows your organisation to adapt quickly to new projects, funding changes, or operational shifts.

2. Lower Costs

Pay only for the services you need, per user, without investing in functionality that only a few users might require. System upgrades and maintenance are included, eliminating the need for in-house technical resources. This cost-effective approach ensures that your organisation can allocate more funds towards its mission.

3. Mobility

Extend your organisation’s communication beyond the physical office. Enhance productivity with a full suite of collaboration features that are accessible on the go. Whether your team is working from different locations, traveling, or attending events, they can stay connected and efficient.

4. Business Continuity

With PBX hosted in the cloud, interruptions at one site won’t mean a halt in communications.
Any user with internet access can continue to operate seamlessly, ensuring your mission-
critical activities remain uninterrupted. This resilience is crucial for NFPs, which often rely on constant communication to serve their communities.

5. Control

NFPs can use simple management interfaces to oversee users and features without the
technical complexity. This allows your organisation to focus on its core mission rather than managing communications technology. Simplified control means less time troubleshooting and more time making an impact.

6. Functionality

With scale across thousands of users, hosted PBX providers continually develop features
based on extensive user feedback. This means you benefit from more features without
needing to develop them individually. Advanced functionalities like video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing enhance collaboration and efficiency.

7. Resilience

Cloud Unified Communications providers build in system redundancy for improved reliability
and service levels, offering economic solutions that ensure your communication
infrastructure remains robust and dependable. This high level of reliability is essential for
NFPs to maintain continuous operations and support their beneficiaries effectively.


Switching to cloud-based unified communications makes perfect sense for not-for-profit organisations. The agility, cost savings, mobility, business continuity, control, functionality, and resilience offered by cloud solutions can significantly enhance your organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness. Embrace these advantages and let your organisation benefit
from a modern, flexible, and reliable communication system.

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