The Benefits of Migrating to Office 365

Migrating from a local office solution to Microsoft Office 365 has a wide range of benefits for businesses in any industry that relies on IT services for their daily operations.

Here are the benefits that your business can gain.

Office 365 is a cloud suite of applications and services by Microsoft. Commonly used Office applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel normally need to be run and managed on-site by the business. With Office 365, all these tools and more are available in a cloud-hosted solution.

Instead of purchasing software, businesses pay subscription fees for the services they want, depending on the number of users they require. Office 365 has a range of benefits for businesses small and large that rely on IT services for their key operations.

Save Time and Money

Installing, managing and updating local email servers, software and network drives is costly and time consuming. Since Office 365 runs entirely in the cloud, you can significantly reduce the challenges, risks and costs for your IT team. Employees can easily connect, communicate and collaborate to Office 365 for email and storage as well as apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Microsoft becomes the service provider responsible for ensuring the uptime of the Office 365 platform and providing support to customers. This removes the burden from your IT staff.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Office 365 provides web-enabled access to just about everything, giving your business increased flexibility. Documents, email, contacts, calendars and more can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any computer, smartphone or tablet that you happen to have with you. This is handy for having meetings on the go, checking up on things while out of the office and for companies offering flexible work arrangements to their employees. It also gives you more flexibility if your business experiences downtime due to a power outage or natural disaster.

Easy Migration and Integration

Microsoft offers a range of support options for companies looking to migrate from a legacy environment into the Office 365 cloud platform. IT experts like the team at ITConnexion can also help you manage your migration seamlessly. If your business relies on Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and other solutions, working with Office 365 is easy. Office 365 works seamlessly with all the apps, documents and tools you’re likely already using.

Flexible Scaling

With Office 365, your cloud usage and subscription status can be scaled to align with the requirements of your business. No additional servers or networking equipment need to be purchased when new teams and employees come on board. You simply need to adjust your subscription plan to account for all end users and the services they require. As new tools and applications come out, you’ll also have immediate access to them.

Managed IT Services to Help Grow Your Business

At ITConnexion, our expert team provides cloud migration services on time and on budget. We’ll help your business seamlessly transition to the cloud and use services like Office 365, so you’re better placed to grow and succeed in today’s digitised market. Organise a consultation with our IT experts now contact us online.

We can help you!

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