Sophos Ranked #1 in Malware Detection

MRG Effitas conducted a commissioned test comparing endpoint protection products’ ability to detect malware and potentially unwanted applications.

Six different vendors, including Sophos, were reviewed in the test. Download a copy of this report.  Some highlights of the report include:

Sophos ranked #1 at detecting malware.

Sophos had an automatic block rate of 99.19% and a miss rate of 0.81%, half as much as next competitor.

The percent of samples missed was over 11 times smaller than the average of the other vendors included in the study.

Sophos ranked #1 at detecting potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

Sophos detected 100% of the PUAs in the test, which is important as the sample contained a high number of cryptominers (aka coinminers) that are used in cryptojacking.

Comparatively, four of the six vendors tested missed between 47% and 69% of PUAs.

Sophos’ false positive rate according to MRG Effitas was 0.05%, which is even more impressive when considering the corresponding best-in-class detection rates of in-the-wild malware and potentially unwanted applications.

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