Should You Upgrade to Windows 11?

On October 5th 2021, Microsoft announced the official launch of its latest Operating System of Windows 11. As it is relatively a new product, we do not recommend to any of our customers to update to it yet until we perform a thorough assessment.

Following the Windows 11 upgrade, Microsoft reported that some customers who use apps like image editors may have experienced a colour rendering issue. There have also been complaints of other issues in recent releases of Windows 11, which Microsoft is investigating. 

Based on the reports, Windows 11 may prevent some image editing tools from reproducing colours accurately on some monitors (mostly HDR). Microsoft claims that Win32 APIs deliver unexpected information or errors under certain circumstances. This is a problem with Windows 11, and in most situations, updating your third-party software will not help.   

Issues with HDR or image editing programs will be resolved in a future build of Windows 11, which is planned to be released in late January. You’ll get access to the fix in newer releases if you’re a member of the Insider Program.  

What’s wrong with the most recent updates? 

The release of Windows 11 KB5008215, which was on December 15th, also came with several problems. Some users, for example, have claimed that they can’t install the cumulative update because it fails to install with cryptic error messages. 

Similarly, some people are still experiencing performance issues with SSD and NVMe storage drives. A known bug in Windows 11 might cause storage drives to perform poorly in certain situations. This usually happens when you try to move files between the system partition and the rest of the partitions as the bug only affects the partition where Windows 11 is installed. 

It’s unclear when these issues will be entirely resolved in the OS, but additional bug patches are expected in the upcoming months. 

Source: Microsoft-Windows11

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