Next-Gen MSPs and Proactive IT Services

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Founded in 2003, ITConnexion was one of the first companies to use a Managed Service approach instead of the break-fix model that most companies still use.

The break-fix model is archaic because it is a reactive approach to solving IT problems. The IT company provides services upon request to fix systems that have already malfunctioned.

Conversely, IT managed service providers (MSPs) are proactive. An MSP enters into a service level agreement (SLA) with clients that outlines the specific services they continuously provide. These services always include proactive monitoring and maintenance of the client’s IT infrastructure, enabling the MSP to address issues before they become client-facing problems and system failures.

How Do IT Managed Services Benefit Clients?

The IT managed services model helps clients in several ways:

  • Alignment of Interests: IT managed service providers operate with an SLA rather than on an hourly basis. This structure incentivizes them to spend more time preventing problems rather than recovering from one. The client would rather avoid issues too.
  • Budgeting: Fixed monthly fees help clients predict the IT budget.
  • Affordability and Stability: With an MSP, the client can leverage a range of technical expertise at a fraction of a full-time internal team
  • Focus: An MSP relieves the client from the burden of running, maintaining, and upgrading their IT infrastructure, including documentation and knowledge transfer. The client can instead focus on their core business.

Moving to the Cloud

One of the biggest trends in IT is the rapid increase in cloud computing adoption. Approximately 90% of companies now use cloud computing in one form or another. Over the past five years, ITConnexion has moved our internal processes and most of our clients to the cloud.

Despite the overwhelming adoption, there are still significant differences in how companies use the cloud and their level of capabilities of managing, securing, and extracting the most value of the cloud. Smaller or younger companies may not have the budget or in-house cloud specialists. The technical complexity of deploying and managing large-scale cloud-based solutions for larger companies may become too much. They will all require the help of third-party specialists or MSPs with the right skills.

Transformation to Next-Generation MSP

Proactivity means that an MSP is constantly looking for better and more suitable technology to improve their clients’ IT infrastructures. ITConnexion is developing our technical skills and service model to remain on top of new technologies and capture these opportunities to provide more value to our clients.

Our primary goals are:

To help our customers navigate and benefit from the changing cloud landscape.

  • Our cloud specialists provide expert advice and implement a tailored migration strategy for your company’s needs.
  • Our IT Security specialists ensure compliance with cyber risk mitigation and IT security policies.
  • Our software development team implements new technology platforms that give clients even more benefits, such as microservices and cheaper cloud database licenses.

To build a self-regulating IT solution that empowers our clients and our innovation.

Using automation tools with artificial intelligence-driven processes, we want to reduce the time and cost of managing complex cloud platforms to channel the effort to help our clients grow their businesses. We can free up time and focus for our clients and use the extra time to create even better processes.

To reinvent ourselves from a mere technical support vendor to a strategic advisory partner.

We want to strategically marry our knowledge of technology and our client business, and help identify opportunities, address challenges, and plan and drive growth.

Key Differences Between MSP and Next-Gen MSP

Based on proactivity, the IT managed services model evolves as new technological opportunities arise. That principle brings us to a new age of MSPs – Next-Gen MSPs.

Next-Gen MSPs are always looking for ways to improve their clients’ IT infrastructures, even if it’s not to solve a problem but rather to make something better. Take a look at this graphic which illustrates how Traditional MSPs and Next-Gen MSPs differ.

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Taking the MSP Model Further

ITConnexion has continuously improved the MSP model to deliver better value and experience to our clients. We maintain this dedication to improvement to this day and will for as long as we exist.

Our growth and loyal client base, some of whom have been with us for over 17 years, speak volumes about how corporations crave proactive IT solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about Next-Gen MSPs and how proactive IT solutions can benefit your organisation, give ITConnexion a call on 1300 892 200.

About the author:

One of ITConnexion Directors, Rama has more than 25 years in IT across industries such as Investment Banking, Telecommunications, Public Services, and Defence.

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