My mailbox is full. What should I do?

Email is a great tool. It allows you to communicate very quickly and often effectively with any number of parties anywhere around the world in an instant.

However, if you often send and receive emails with file attachments, you may find that you’re being presented with warning about your mailbox size. Different email vendors and applications will provide different email limits, or quotas, as they’re often referred to. By following these handy tips, you can help to minimize the size of your inbox to make way for new messages (and keep it nice and tidy!)

  • Ask the sender to upload large documents, or media including videos and photos, to a cloud-based service such as Dropbox or OneDrive. This often provides a much greater storage quota (and will be often quicker to send and receive content).
  • Clean up your inbox by sorting your messages by file size (if feature supported by your mail provider/application) and deleting any unnecessary messages with large attachments such as photos or documents.
  • Regularly empty your Deleted Items or Trash. When you delete an email, it more often than not gets moved to a special folder in case you wish to retrieve the email down the track. This sometimes is counted in your email quota, so be sure to empty this folder.
  • Some mail clients allow you to archive some of your emails, for example those sent and received between 2011 and 2012. An archive refers to the process of removing them from the email provider and storing them in a separate location. This helps to prevent older messages from filling up your inbox.
  • When you send an email, it is also stored in a special folder. This sent item message also includes any attachments. If you
    have a copy of the content stored elsewhere, delete any large sent emails to minimize your mailbox size!

We can help you!

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