Microsoft Office 365: Does Office 365 come with support?

Facing problems with Microsoft Office? Discover the support options to help you solve the issue, and contact ITConnexion for technical support in Melbourne. 

Does Office 365 Come with Support?

Facing problems while using Microsoft Office applications? If you are subscribed to a Microsoft Office 365 plan, you have a range of support options available to help you solve the issue. This includes all productivity applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more.

Installation and Activation Issues

Microsoft Office 365 plans include technical support for the installation and activation of apps for enterprise. 

Troubleshooting Usage Issues 

Troubleshooting of issues from using Microsoft Office applications isn’t included in a Microsoft 365 subscription. This could include issues with manipulating pivot tables and charts in Excels, adding or adjusting images to a PowerPoint presentation, or other issues while using Microsoft Office applications. 

However, some technical support is available for troubleshooting usage issues. Read on below for the range of technical support options available.


Microsoft offers an Office Help and Training service, where you can search for help on the usage issues you’re having. Search by inputting information on the application you’re using or by the issue topic. 


Online Help Forums

Online help forums are an easy way to source help from the wider user community. This is a free resource and, as your question may have been already asked and answered, can be the quickest way to find the solution. Online help forums include Microsoft Community Answers Forums and TechNet Forums

Office Developer Support

If you have issues with your code and need developer support, Stack Overflow is an online help forum specifically for developers. You can post your code and ask questions, and receive a response from the Microsoft Office developer community. If you prefer to search through an archive of solutions, the Office Dev Center documentation hub is a storage facility for solutions for development issues. 

Another source of support is Office Developer User Voice, specifically for suggestions or feature requests.

Paid Technical Support

For a rapid and tailored response, there are paid services to talk directly with a support agent.

Sourcing the Support You Need

Microsoft Office 365 offers all the tools to leverage your business productivity. If there are areas where our experts can help you to unlock how far your business can go, talk with ITConnexion about how we can help. 

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