Microsoft Office 365: Can I Use Microsoft Office 365 Offline?

Microsoft Office 365 offers offline capability for Melbourne SMEs to stay productive at any time. Learn more with managed IT support services from ITConnexion.



Can I Use Office 365 Offline?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s suite of cloud services for office productivity, so you may be thinking it can only be used online. However, Office 365 comes with offline capability to make sure you can stay productive at any time, whether or not you’re connected to the internet.


No Installation Involved

Offline capability is built into the Office 365 suite, so there is no further installation or settings involved.

Office 365’s offline experience is designed to be as seamless as possible, so that the apps will take care of your work while you’re disconnected from the internet.


How Does Offline Work?

While you’re working online, you will have noticed that your work saves automatically, so that your changes aren’t lost.

When you move to working offline, whether this is because the internet is manually disconnected or the connection drops out, the apps will continue to save the ongoing changes to your work. The apps will save your pending changes to their memory, and the changes will sync with the cloud as soon as you’re back to an online connection.


Core Functionality

You’ll know that you’re working offline from slight layout changes on the screen. The title bar at the top of the page will show that you’re working offline. Some minor functionality is affected; for example, only a subset of fonts are available during offline work.

Once you’re connected to the internet again, the title bar will show that your work has synced and is safely saved to cloud storage.


What Are the Limitations?

The one thing to remember is that you can’t open a file once you’re already offline, if that file is stored on the cloud. An internet connection is necessary for the initial step of opening the file. This includes apps such as OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive.

If you know you’ll be working while travelling, or from a similar location without an internet connection, make sure you plan ahead by having the right files open on your laptop or mobile phone, before you go offline.


Unleash Full Capabilities

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