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The modern workforce is becoming more distributed and diverse.

In order to keep those descriptors alive, organisations need a better way to recruit candidates that fit the job profile they are looking for. But what happens if the perfect candidate is missing the Australian qualification to get the job? That’s where RPL123 comes in. RPL123 is an online software solution for Recognition of Prior Learning.

RTOs use this online software solution to evaluate a person’s skills, experience, and knowledge gained through working and learning in Australia or overseas. This is typically through life experiences, work activities, and volunteering. It converts a candidate’s skills, knowledge, or overseas qualifications into a recognised Australian qualification.

For workers, having skills recognized through RPL is very important and beneficial for their overall career success and lifestyle. Achieving national RPL recognition will improve their career prospects, allow them to avoid the repetition of previous training, save them time and money, help with immigration and visa requirements, and aid in their professional development.

RPL123 streamlines the entire assessment process by moving a traditionally pen-and-paper test online. Candidates can complete the test faster, RTOs can review their portfolios immediately after submission, and RTOs can offer advice online that candidates can apply to their portfolios.

RPL Assessment Process

People take an RPL assessment when they have skills that aren’t recognised by any official degree or certificate in Australia. Using the RPL123 software, applicants can easily submit a portfolio of evidence. Someone will review the portfolio and assess whether the applicant needs additional skills to qualify. Then, an RTO will assign a qualification to the applicant based on their portfolios that is nationally recognised and equivalent to what the applicant would have obtained through full-time study.

The RPL assessment covers a variety of fields and qualifications. RPL123 includes qualifications in:

  • Automotive
  • Building and construction
  • Business and finance
  • Civil construction
  • Commercial cookery and hospitality
  • Community services
  • Engineering
  • Events and entertainment
  • Fitness and recreation
  • Hair and beauty
  • Health and massage
  • Horticulture and land management
  • Information technology
  • Meat processing
  • Mining and resources
  • Plumbing services
  • Retail services
  • Security and cleaning
  • Transport and logistics
  • Vocational education and training

Improved Career Prospects

RPL is a vital part of the recruiting process for organisations. Just because someone doesn’t have an official Australian license or degree doesn’t mean they don’t have the right skills to benefit an organisation. By completing the RPL assessment, applicants gain recognition for their skills in Australia. Organisations can widen their talent pool by looking for applicants that have completed the assessment and earned a specific qualification.

 Moving RPL online

RPL123 represents the cutting edge of recruiting software for organisations and candidates alike.  Streamlining the functionality of RPL in an online format makes it faster, more affordable, and more scalable to obtain and share a qualification. For candidates, RPL is an essential part of improving their career prospects. For organisations, RPL qualifications widen the talent pool for recruiting purposes. It’s a win-win for everyone, and software makes the process easier.

IT Connexion specialises in deploying RPL123 for organisations that want to improve their offerings or recruiting efforts. To learn more about how this software can expedite the RPL assessment process, contact us today.

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