How the Cloud Enables Business Growth

Growing your business is essential for long-term success, but it can be difficult for many small to medium sized businesses.

However, the cloud has enabled business costs by eliminating many of the costs involved in owning and managing their own IT infrastructure.

You no longer have to install software on each computer or on company networks, with functions like payroll, IT security, backup and data storage all handled by a service provider. Below, we look at five key areas where cloud technology can grow your business.

Improving Productivity and Efficiency

From sales operation and accounting to data backup and recovery, multiple aspects of your business can be streamlined using cloud technology. You can automate routine tasks like email marketing and quickly access shared documents with Office 365 and project management tools online.

Streamlining basic business operations allows you to spend more time focusing on business growth. You can also work from remote devices anywhere at any time using cloud-based software and apps. This provides more flexibility for employees, improves efficiency, ensures you never miss a sales enquiry and makes collaboration and communication easier.


As your business grows and you need to increase your capacity for storage and data, cloud technology is flexible enough to resize your infrastructure on demand. Instead of waiting weeks and making a capital investment in hardware, the cloud offers additional resources in minutes. You can scale your business operations up or down based on the workload requirements at the time, with no lag or investment risk.

Cost Savings

Cloud technology reduces costs by removing the need to invest as much in software and infrastructure, which in turn helps reduce energy bills. All you need is an internet connection. That means more money to reinvest back into the business to further drive its growth. Cloud computing can help companies remain competitive while on a constrained budget.

Improve Customer Experiences

Happy customers are the key to business growth. In addition to traditional metrics like product quality, value and customer service, cloud computing allows you to track, manage and improve every interaction with customers. This includes managing feedback, personalising experiences and building customer loyalty. By using online tools to better understand users and their journey in the sales cycle, you can better strategise and grow your business.

Enhance Security

Cutting-edge cyber security is crucial to ensure your business achieves uninterrupted growth. Downtime caused by server failures can be costly and interrupt business operations, while cyber-attacks threaten sensitive information and intellectual property. Cloud based storage and IT security solutions are highly secure and can be fully managed by providers.

Managed IT Services to Help Grow Your Business

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