Delivering Managed Service in the Changing Environment

Kaseya as a comprehensive RMM tool of choice

Australian SMEs and NFPs have adapted to the changing working environment over the last two years. Many employees now work hybrid or remote, surfacing concerns for endpoint security.

As Australia emerges post-pandemic, IT management has its unique challenges: remote workers are accessing your network using slower bandwidth.

How do you continue to monitor and support them? An update of their security software, protecting your business from criminals and hackers.

For many SMEs and NFPs, managing workstations, servers, and devices, including remotely, is more complex now. That’s why choosing a managed service provider (MSP) is vital to support
your IT management.

Partnering with Kaseya helps deliver exceptional service

The remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform is an essential tool for an MSP in protecting the IT systems of your business. With an RMM platform, ITConnexion can proactively
manage your network, endpoints, computers, and devices.

Since 2007, we have chosen Kaseya as our RMM platform. Kaseya is the leading global tool for the managed service provider market. The main reason we chose Kaseya is primarily that we have found that Kaseya offers the most comprehensive features compared to its competitors.

Kaseya also allows us to build integration into our management software ConnexionPoint. This allows us to develop a strong capability in managing our RMM platform, which in turn allows us
to manage your business in these areas:

IT Support
Our friendly and helpful team is committed to providing a superior IT service desk experience focused on giving your business timely and flexible support. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems; we are consistently recognised as Melbourne’s best IT service desk.

Monitors and updates your workstations, servers and devices
The RMM platform lets us monitor and maintain necessary information about your network’s disk space, CPU and bandwidth. This monitoring enables your business to minimise disruption
and network downtime, leading to higher employee productivity.

Security Software
Kaseya’s VSA remotely monitors and manages your endpoints 24/7, all year round. In addition, security software monitors your company’s devices, detecting and resolving security vulnerabilities on and off the network.

Cloud Backup for Disaster Recovery
Kaseya Unified Backup securely stores your data with cloud backup. So should an unlikely disaster strike, you instantly recover your backup. In addition, we automatically test your backup, guaranteeing it is available if an IT disaster occurs and minimises downtime.

Reliable IT management at scale
Leveraging automation, we offer an RMM platform that’s stable and reliable, which means we can proactively manage many computers at scale, while maintaining a secure high-speed connection.

Compliance and Privacy
Managing compliance can be challenging with changing regulations and rules. Kaseya simplifies compliance to ensure businesses have access to timely reporting and data.

You can take remedial action with various helpful tools, including early detection. As ITConnexion takes your customer’s privacy very seriously, Kaseya offers exceptional data security to help us maintain privacy.

Integration with other IT systems

To offer a complete ecosystem for our customers, ITConnexion management tool, ConnexionPoint, is integrated with Kaseya. It’s critical for your business to have third-party application integration so you can have consistent communication between different software

Other applications and systems which ConnexionPoint is integrated with include Microsoft Office 365, Sophos Central, TPP Domain and XERO. This integration improves efficiency delivering cost savings to your business and helps you provide a seamless customer experience.

With ConnexionPoint, our team have an accurate and real-time overview of your system, allowing us to maintain your network uptime and endpoint security.

When you need to access your computer’s asset information for financial, insurance or tax reasons, you can easily do this from your ConnexionPoint portal. In addition, you can track your computer’s behaviour and identify any misuse or loss.

Remote Monitoring and Management platform for Australian SMEs and NFPs

ITConnexion, and its partnership with Kaseya, offers an IT solution that delivers exceptional service to Australia’s SMEs and NFPs. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation. Discover how ITConnexion manages and protects your business.

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