Cloud based phone system increase efficiency of having distributed team and working from home

How Cloud Phone Supports Modern Remote Workflows

Remote work is taking off, which means today’s workers aren’t tethered to their desks. However, remote work also means that employees need an efficient way to communicate with team members and clients that mimics the productivity of those in-person meetings. Enter cloud phone.

Cloud phone, or VoIP, transmits phone calls over a network as opposed to a traditional phone line. This promotes productivity, because employees can make phone calls from anywhere, on any connected device. Cloud phone is also more cost-effective for organisations, as they no longer have to pay for Internet and phone service separately.

Access from Anywhere

Since cloud services are delivered over the Internet, users can make calls from their desk phones, mobile phones, computers, or via an application on any device. It’s a more flexible solution for organisations with distributed teams who need to collaborate from different locations.

Cloud Phone Features

Cloud phone offers additional features to streamline communication for remote workers. For example, voicemail to email sends a recording of a voicemail to a user’s email inbox. Another benefit is simultaneous ring, where calls ring on a user’s desk phone and mobile phone, so they can answer whichever is convenient. Finally, call logs and call recording give organisations a deeper look into call analytics to reveal information about quality and discussion topics. These features are necessary for organisations to make the most out of their phone system beyond simply taking calls from desk phones.

Provider Hosted

Cloud applications are more reliable and easier to maintain than traditional phone systems. Prior to cloud phone, organisations that wanted advanced calling features had to host the data hardware at their locations. Then, organisations were responsible for hiring and training and IT team to manage the system.

With cloud phone, everything is hosted at a provider’s location and delivered to the client over the Internet. This means that the provider handles system maintenance, updates, and adding new features. If there’s ever a server issue, the provider can troubleshoot and get it back up and running in no time.


Cloud phone can easily scale to meet the needs of changing orgnaisations. Moving an on-premises phone system is costly and difficult. On the other hand, hosting a system in the cloud makes it easy to pick up and move physical locations, because users can access the phone application from anywhere. Growing organisations that want to add new users or features to the system simply have to contact the provider and avoid the hassle of updating the hardware themselves.

The Bottom Line

Every business needs a reliable phone system, but that doesn’t have to be an archaic concept. Cloud phone introduces new functionality and features that make it an essential part of communication for remote workers. It gives them all the power of working from an office with additional flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

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