Microsoft Flow Microsoft Planner
Microsoft Flow and Planner on Microsoft Teams

Manage leads on Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Planner

Keeping track of business leads and opportunities can be tricky at times. Tools like Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Planner enable better control of such sales and productivity management tasks. In case you didn’t know, Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based workflow tool. It is built into Office 365 and automates business processes. Microsoft Planner, as the name suggests, is a planning app that comes as an offering on the Office 365.

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Sharepoint Integration
Integrate Microsoft Teams with SharePoint

Here’s how you can integrate Microsoft Teams with SharePoint

Microsoft Teams has proven to be one of the most valuable collaboration tools in recent times. One reason for this is due to the ease of managing integrations with other apps. This convenience could be further extended via SharePoint.

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Teams Together Mode
How to use Together Mode on Microsoft Teams

What you need to know about Together Mode in Microsoft Teams

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been making new and interesting additions to Microsoft Teams with hopes of making the software more engaging for its users. One of them is the “Together Mode”. This is where participants are brought together in a virtual room. The feature comes as an attempt to recreate elements of a physical meeting. 


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video conferencing
Changing your Microsoft Teams background

Change your video background for your next Teams meeting

The COVID-19 situation pushed many around the world, including Australians, to settle for work from home environments. This prompted the mass adoption of collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams. If you’ve been using Teams long enough, then you probably know by now that one of the biggest annoyances is setting an appropriate video background for meetings. Sure, you can rearrange your room every time you get on a call. But that may feel like too much work to do so regularly. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams has an easy workaround to this problem.


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How to Send Emails to Microsoft Teams Channels

How to send emails to Microsoft Teams channels

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams offer a great way to engage with your co-workers on a regular basis. Packed with a variety of features, Microsoft Teams aims to be an all-in-one communications solution, limiting the number of tools your team has to be across. One of the perks of utilising such a system is that a lot of unnecessary emails get cut down thanks to internal chats.

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Adding a Link to Microsoft Teams Channels

Here’s how to add a link to a Microsoft Teams channel

Did you know that you can create a viewable web page on a Microsoft Teams channel? If you’re here then chances are, you want to know how. Microsoft Teams users can simply add a link to a channel tab action. This turns the link into a viewable webpage, regardless of whether the link is from an external website or a SharePoint site. Here’s how it works.

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