The Importance of IT Management

Technology development over the last 20-years has drastically changed the way organisations operate. In fact, it is almost impossible to think of a company surviving in this day-and-age without the use of technology.

Consider every aspect that works to ensure productivity and the smooth running of a business – from database management, email control, and information research to internal communication, business social presence, and finding the nearest office supply store; basically everything that occurs everyday in offices around Australia is underpinned by information technology.

Every aspect of an organisation’s day-to-day tasks is not only handled through IT but also monitored through IT.

Despite this, far too often organisations are caught with a lack of IT support and assistance, which can be hugely detrimental to both managing the reputation of their own business, as well as the running and reputation of customer or clients businesses.

In order for a business to survive, it is vital to have an IT management system in place. One can implement such a system in two different ways: with an internal IT professional, or through the use of an external company. Both of these options have positive and negative outcomes, which will be discussed further below.

An internal IT manager works within the business as the contact point for when IT issues arise. It is most likely they have not been employed solely for IT management purposes, but rather they have a bit of knowledge in this department and are therefore are at the forefront of running any system management where needed. Generally speaking, IT managers are the leaders of the team. They are more likely to be found in the meeting or conference room, coordinating tech-related issues between customers and employees, rather than burrowed in the inner system of a computer. IT managers are highly sought after; most often they will have in-depth IT knowledge, but also the skills applicable to a management position – excellent communication abilities, thorough understanding of business operations, as well as time and administration talents.

Proper IT management is an ongoing program of services from an IT company that will serve to benefit the business for which they are required. The advantage with utilising a company to manage business IT systems is that they will have the skills, the resources, and the knowledge to implement the changes that need to be made so that the IT system is functioning perfectly. Not only this, a reputable IT company should be just a quick phone call away.

Master Data Management (MDM), which spans the majority of superior companies, is a discipline most closely linked to technology that is hugely beneficial to implement within an organisation. Simply put, MDM will assist both the business and IT sector of an organisation, as it works to unite these two aspects in terms of the organisation’s master data assets.

An organisation without a proper IT system in place is worthless; it is true to say that IT management creates value within an organisation. This is because as soon as something goes wrong (and inevitably, it will), vital information will vanish and be irretrievable. The leader of the IT management team needs to be fluent in all things technology, with knowledge across not only every aspect of IT but also every aspect of the business they are operating with, so as to better understand the inner workings and running of the business.

Data governance is a discipline that has only recently begun to emerge in recent times. Organisational data in the form of data quality, management, and policies as well as business process and risk management are handled through data governance. It is a formal process that ensures all data across the business enterprise is managed properly by the correct and most trusted sources, a process that is going to benefit the business in the long run.

There have been several cases over the years that have highlighted the sheer importance of having an IT manager and IT service team to assist a company should their systems fail. Cases where these needs are highlighted have included security system intrusions from hackers, personal information stolen, and the shutdown of extremely well known and widely used sites. It is wise to use the proficiencies of a talented and reliable IT company to manage IT systems. Check out our IT services for more details.

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