Professional IT Support for NFPs in Melbourne
Professional IT Support for NFPs in Melbourne
Christian Thompson, Parenting Research Centre

We have found the IT services provided for by ITConnexion to be value for money and the money that we have spent on infrastructure appears to be money well spent. We are delighted in the noticeable decrease in hidden IT costs resulting from ineffective IT support and systems.

IT support and services for Not for Profits Melbourne
Stella Avramopoulos, Kildonan UnitingCare

ITConnexion were chasing us up with regards to implementing solutions purely because of the fast growth and the demands and the essentials that we have needed. In particular, it’s their IT consultancy around what we need to do about that which has been very valuable.

Kaylene Randall, Food Service Machinery
Kaylene Randall, Food Service Machinery

ITConnexion have a thorough understanding of the complexity of our business and they continue to improve and grow with us. The team at ITConnexion are always on the ball and they are very clever as well. If there are any issues we get answers straight away and they are quickly sorted out.

IT Support and Services for NFP organisations in Melbouurne
Ray Woodhouse, Upper Murray Family Care

ITConnexion are always proactive when it comes to IT management. Our organisation has grown faster then what the systems had grown and ITConnexion offered solutions that were able to quickly fix those issues.

Managed IT Support for Accountants in Melbourne
Andrew Martin, Martin & Martin

I’m very happy with the customer service that we are receiving from ITConnexion. We have a really high degree of confidence that if we have a problem, ITConnexion can find a way of solving it quickly. We also really value the personal service that we receive from the Directors and the onsite support.

Managed IT Services for NFPs in Melbourne
John Daly, Jesuit Social Services

During our ten year association, we have found ITConnexion a very professional and reliable team. We have always enjoyed our relationship with ITConnexion, not only are they very responsive, but their individual support to our staff members is outstanding.

IT Support for Medical businesses in Melbourne 
Leeann Cairnduff, Fitwise Physiotherapy

I am definitely less stressed and worried in the day to day running of our IT systems. I have more time to run the business instead of crawling under desks trying to fix IT problems.