Performance Review Solution

ITConnexion has partnered with a professional HR company to provide affordable HR solutions.

The two platforms available are: a Performance Management tool and the second is a customisable eLearning tool (e.g. Employee Inductions, OHS).

Importance of Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance evaluations can be helpful to both employer and employee. For the employer, it helps create a benchmark on an employee's productivity. For the employee, it provides feedback on how they can improve or what areas they shine in. Performance reviews are important because they help each side of the table gather thoughts and become more familiar with the areas that need improvement and those that are working well. If done right, reviews can be one of the best tools for developing an employee's career within a company.
However, we all know performance reviews are time-consuming. So our customised online tool can help your business streamline and manage the performance reviews more effectively.


eLearning for Induction, OH&S and Compliance

Why ITConnexion

If you regularly conduct training for employees, including Employee Inductions, Work Place Health and Safety, Company Policy and Compliance to name a few – then this tool would be great for you. We have a library of content that can be easily adaptable to your organisation and a eLearning system that will do the delivery for you.

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