Work MS Word like a Pro – With Style

In this article we focus on one of our most regularly used Word features – Style Sheets. Once you have mastered the art of this handy feature, it is sure to be a hit and save you much of your valuable time re-formatting documents. 

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Below are some very simple steps that you can take to ensure you are saving time and energy on formatting and make your documents look uber professional. Tell us what you think:

Use Word In Style!

A style is a set of formatting characteristics (e.g. Font name; font size; paragraph alignment; spacing; and tab etc.). You are likely to have used some common styles such as "Title", "Normal", "Heading 1", "Heading 2" etc. The default gallery of styles is listed in the "Home" tab and it looks like this:


You can apply the formatting as defined in a style quickly by placing the cursor anywhere in a paragraph or a selected section of text (for multiple paragraphs) and then click on the Style name.

By default, all paragraphs are set to the "Normal" style. If you want to change the font size and paragraph spacing to all the paragraphs in the document, you can simply update the "Normal" style. To do that:

  1. Open the Styles window by clicking on the dialog box launcher as indicated in the red circle in the diagram below:
  2. A Styles window like below will pop up:
  3. To modify the "Normal" style, click on the right hand side of "Normal" where the ¶ symbol is. A list of actions will appear. Click on "modify..."
  4. A "Modify Style" screen will appear. This screen allows you to view and modify the formatting associated with the "Normal" style. Some basic formatting is shown in this screen. To access more advanced format settings, click on the "Format" button on the bottom left hand corner and you will be able to access an array of formatting settings.
  5. After you make the change, click on "OK" and all paragraphs that have the "Normal" style will have the same formatting updated.

We hope you have found this feature helpful. For more in-depth information regarding MS Style Sheets visit here.

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