Work like a Pro – Shortcuts you should learn

We asked our Company Director Dr Carlson Ho what his most frequently used shortcut keys were. We have listed them here and hope that you may find them as useful.

Some are common shortcuts whilst others you may not have come across before. Here they are:

Control-S  Save current document 
Control-C Copy the selected text
Control-X Cut (Copy then delete) the selected text
Control-V Paste the previously copied text
Control-Z Undo the previous change
F4 Repeat the last command.  Very handy when you have to apply an action repeatedly.
Control-I, B and U                                      Use these shortcuts to toggle the formatting of the selected text.
  • Control-I for Italic,
  • Control-B for Bold and
  • Control-U for underline.
Double Click Double click anywhere on a word will select the word.
Triple Click Triple click anywhere on a word will select the whole sentence.
Control-Click Control-Click anywhere on a word will select the whole paragraph.
Control-A Select the whole document or content.

We hope that you have found a few of these shortcuts helpful, please let us know your favourite shortcut in the comment section below.