Reasons to Upgrade from Windows 7 To Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft that caters to both Business and Personal use.

Running the latest operating system for your business computer devices is highly important for many reasons,

some of which will help your business to carry on the daily business activities in a more effective and efficient manner and greatly minimize the chances of security risks.

Here are six great reasons to upgrade your PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 now!

7 Support Has Ended

Microsoft has announced that it has effectively stopped support for all computer devices running Windows 7. In addition, all computer devices running Windows 8 will be not be receiving support from Microsoft from early 2023.

Stronger Malware Security Tools

With the Windows 10  system  installed, users are able to run regular security scans to help detect certain malware. The new operating systems gives users better utilisation of Security Tools and many more to help keep their devices free from security threats.

Safer Browsing

Windows 10 also introduces a new Internet browser called ‘Edge Browser’, which helps to provide safe internet browsing for users and prevents malicious websites from further damaging the computer device and its data.

Better Configuration

Windows 10 allows for better configuration of all computer devices within the business. Making it easier for all users to easily configure their devices to suit requirements of your business.  Windows 10 also supports Azure-AD which means your business is ready for future cloud computing. 

Better and Efficient Updates for Windows 10

All devices running Windows 10 installed will be receiving exclusive software, security update and patches from Microsoft on a regular basis to ensure device performance and reliability.

Ransomware Prevention

With Windows 10 provides features that help to mitigate the risk of Ransomware by locking the sensitive files and documents on the computer, if there is a case of Ransomware.

Here at ITConnexion, we understand the importance of reliability and security of your business computers. Our dedicated team will be able to help your business to migrate all current PCs and laptops to a Windows 10 operating system. Organise a consultation with our IT experts now or contact us online. 

We can help you!

In case you’re still unsure about the process or if you need further assistance, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. Our team of experts will be sure to offer a helping hand.

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