Managed Services - Managed Security

A holistic approach to protecting your network

In order to run a successful operation, network security is crucial. Without the proper techniques in place, sophisticated cyber-attacks and ransomware can breach the system and create a snowball of issues that could set back your business tremendously.

ITConnexion’s Managed IT Services offer a holistic approach to endpoint protection, providing security for your network from common threats. Included in this plan is a number of security measures, including:

  • End-point protection will ensure laptops, tablets, computers, mobile phones and other wireless devices can connect to computer networks without creating a pathway for security threats
  • Ransomware protection is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses protect data from a ransomware attack
  • Anti-spam filters can be installed to black spam from entering your system.
  • Web filters or content control software designed to prevent access to unsafe or dangerous websites by users
  • Firewall security monitors network security and controls incoming and outgoing traffic based on security rules pre-determined by you and your ITConnexion team. Both network and hardware firewall protections are available.
  • Establishing a secure wireless connection.
  • Encryption can protect you from a cybersecurity attack by encoding information and converting plaintext into an alternative form that can only be accessed by authorised parties.
  • Backups are necessary to ensure data can still be restored in the event of data loss.
  • User permission and Access Rights are crucial in ensuring the safety of your network. ITConnexion can help set up configurations to protect the access of certain files or programs.

Our team will work with yours to recommend and install the right antivirus solution that suits your budget and risk profile. We will also manage and monitor anti-virus software including scans, updates and reporting. Should there be an unlikely event or infection, ITConnexion will work to restore and recover your system. 

Why ITConnexion for network security?

Our experienced team of IT experts understand the security measures required to protect businesses big and small from potential cyber threats. Whether you have a system in place you are looking to improve or are in the market to set up a completely new plan, ITConnexion can help you make it happen.

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