Managed Services - Managed Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is essential in order to manage policies, processes, equipment, data and human resources for overall effectiveness. Without a reliable, secure and responsive infrastructure supporting your business, running a successful operation is nearly impossible.

ITConnexion understands that establishing this takes time, money and expertise to carry out successfully. Without an in-house IT team, you will likely need to source an IT company to get you set up.

Not only will ITConnexion take care of the complexity in setting up your IT infrastructure, our team of experts will also handle the operating, supporting and managing your IT infrastructure.

Our Managed Infrastructure services covers the management of:

  • On-premise servers and established infrastructure (i.e. HP, Dell, IBM, etc.).
  • Cloud Servers (i.e. AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Web server software and hardware (including one or more websites).
  • Database servers stored on the in-house server which provide data access for authorised users.
  • Virtualised and physical server hosting (i.e. VMware, HyperV).
  • Storage area network (SAN).
  • Wide area network (WAN).
  • Managed VPS (virtual private servers).
  • Networking equipment such as switches, modems and routers.
  • Wireless access points and controllers.
  • VoIP or voice over internet for phonelines, etc.

Build your IT infrastructure with a brand new fleet of devices

You can also take advantage of our procurement services, blending the convenience of a one-stop shop with the confidence of quality and good prices. Choose from a selection of HP desktop, laptop and tablet devices and rent them all for less than a cup of coffee per day.

Why ITConnexion for IT infrastructure management?

At ITConnexion, we understand how important IT infrastructure reporting is. Having full visibility and control over your assets can lead to increased performance, more informed decisions and higher predictability.

By making the client’s life easier, ITConnexion works closely with your team to develop scalable IT solutions for your day-to-day operations. Talk to one of our IT experts to learn how we can build an unmatched IT infrastructure for your business, taking your IT solutions to the next level and launching you ahead of other competitors in the industry.

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