Next Generation IT Managed Service

ITConnexion has been a leading IT Managed Service provider since 2003, helping our clients grow with a robust and scalable technology platform.

ITConnexion as NextGen Managed Service Provider

Since 2003, ITConnexion has been a reliable partner and trusted advisor of our clients; helping them with building, managing, scaling, transforming and securing their IT infrastructures. As NextGen MSP, we are not just a source of technical support for our customer. We learn our customers’ businesses so we can be their strategic advisory partner. We build scalable and robust systems and utilise advanced management tools to ensure the smooth running of day to day IT operation. This way we can put greater focus and effort to help our clients pursue higher-level and higher impact activities.

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Managed IT Infrastructure

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We are currently providing IT Managed Service for our clients in cities such as Melbourne, Wodonga, Shepparton, Wangaratta, Sydney, Albury, Canberra, Darwin, Alice Springs, and Jakarta. We service all major cities on mainland Australia and Tasmania.

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Partner with Us

Running a business brings its fair share of challenges. However, having a trusted technology partner will certainly help. Not only your core IT operation is running smoothly, with our help you’ll be able to leverage your technology investment to grow and evolve at a faster rate.

With ITConnexion, you will have access to our team of IT experts to advise and provide you with:

  • Unlimited IT Support

    Get fast, reliable, and unlimited support for a fixed monthly fee; control your IT costs without expensive, unexpected budget blowouts.

  • A fast timeframe

    We can ensure every support enquiry is addressed by an engineer and a solution is being looked for within 10 minutes.

  • Fewer interruptions.

    A proactive partner for your business, ITConnexion works to minimise risk and eliminate potential hazards to your IT infrastructure before they affect your organisation.

  • A plan that aligns with your strategic goals

    A team of dedicated experts will work to develop an IT strategy that streamlines your processes, helping your business grow.

  • Diverse skillsets

    Work with specialists in software, hardware, programming, security, data management, cloud solutions and more.

  • A growing partnership

    With the technology and expertise to handle even the most complex IT demands, our team will grow with yours to develop best practice solutions for your business.

  • Hands-on support

    We talk to vendors like telco, ISPs and other providers so you don’t have to. Our team can even handle issues relating to your website, mobile devices, applications and accounting software.

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Comprehensive IT Managed Service Solutions

ITConnexion offers a complete set of IT Managed Service solutions from procurement to management and monitoring to resolution, covering all areas of IT Infrastructure.