Employee Training

Did you know that 91% of all cyber crime is initiated by email? Education is the best defense.

As one of our client's we would gladly host a training session for your employees. Our session will arm your staff with:

  • An understanding of common IT security risks
  • Practical recommendations to a safe environment at work and at home
  • Access to our educational resources to distribute at your work place

Train your employees on IT Security

Protecting your business online starts with ensuring your employees are prepared to assist in keeping your computers and networks safe.

Even the best security technology in the world can NOT help keep your business safe unless employees understand how to safeguard and protect sensitive data. At the very least employees need to understand the risks to themselves and your business. As a starting point, our training session aims at training your employees at identifying and avoiding IT security risks.

We will cover:

  • Password tips and hints
  • Phishing and Ransomware
  • How to Avoid Identity Fraud
  • IT Security Do's and Don'ts
  • Website Security
  • Security System Threats and Symptoms


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